Professional Paper Models

As a corporate gift

A well-executed paper model is a great corporate- or promotional gift. Give a paper scale model to customers or visitors.


Use paper models to convey knowledge; fun to distribute in schools or institutions for nature and environmental education!

More information

Want to further develop ideas for a paper model? Please contact for more information or call +31 6 20 118 562.

What are paper models?

A monumental building, an animal, a unique vehicle from the fleet, a machine, or the mascot of a campaign: any object can be turned into a paper model!

Cut out the paper model, fold the fold lines, and glue the whole thing into a spatial scale model.

  • Paper model castle
  • Paper model electric bus
  • Paper model town hall Klundert
  • Paper model Mercedes Sprinter
  • Paper model bridge Amsterdam
  • Paper model robot
  • Paper model airplane
  • Paper model superyacht Amels 60
  • Paper model  politie
  • Paper model  Qbuzz
  • Paper model of a house
  • Paper model White Villa
  • Paper model Nemag grab
  • Paper model sweepers
  • Paper model Rabobank PinPin
  • Paper model garbage truck Avri
  • Paper model Tiny-House Marjolein in het klein
  • Paper model bridge keeper's cottage Zwolle

Working method

We will discuss the purpose of the paper model, the format, and the quantity. Once you have agreed to the quotation, we will start designing the scale model and creating the paper model.

The proposals will be presented, after which the design will be elaborated in detail. The printer can now start producing the paper model on sturdy paper in any desired quantity!



Town hall Klundert

Paper model town hall Klundert

Paper model of the town hall in Klundert.

Excavator paper model

Paper model excavators

Paper corporate gift of a Komatsu excavator.

Paper model Mercedes

Paper model Mercedes Sprinter

Paper corporate gift of a Mercedes Sprinter service bus.

Paper model bridge Amsterdam

Paper model bridge Amsterdam

Paper model of the new bridge over the North Holland Canal, commissioned by K_Dekker.

Airplane paper model

Airplane paper model

Paper model of the Pitts Special S2B racer, commissioned by Sky Unlimited.

Paper model superyacht

Paper model superyacht

Detailed paper model of the superjacht Amels 60, commissioned by Damen Yachting.

Paper model castle

Paper model castle

Paper model of the Spelderholt castle, commissioned by the municipality of Apeldoorn.

Paper model of a robot

Paper model robot

Free download of the paper model of the little robot in the award winning movie Captain Nova!

Electrical bus

Paper model trolley bus

Free download of the paper model of the famous electrical bus from Arnhem, The Netherlands

Paper model police boat

Paper model police ship

Paper model of a patrol ship P5 commissioned by the Dutch police.

Paper models Qbuzz

Paper model Qbuzz bus

Custom designed paper models for Qbuzz.

Paper model sweeper

Paper model sweeper Circulus-Berkel

Circulus-Berkel is a major waste management company with an extensive fleet of vehicles. Paper models of the different vehicles are used to promote Circulus-Berkel's vision and mission: Together for a sustainable future.

PinPin model Rabobank

Paper model Rabobank PinPin app

PinPin is the mascot of the pocket money app 'Rabo PinPin'. Dot by dot was asked to design a paper model of the mascot so that children could bring it to the branches and have their basket filled with Easter eggs.

Mega grab

Paper model Nemag grab

Nemag builds the largest grabs in the world. For Nemag, Dot by dot has converted the famous grab into a paper miniaturer. The paper model is distributed as a corporate gift.

Bouwplaat Tiny House

Paper model Tiny House

Marjolein lives in a very small house of 20 square meters. With the paper miniature model of her house that Dot by dot designed for her, she can set a good example for visitors: you too can contribute to a better environment.

Garbage trucks Avri

Paper model garbage trucks Avri

On behalf of waste collector Avri, paper models of the collection vehicles have been created. These are distributed as corporate gifts and in schools.

Paper model residential house

Paper model residential house

A paper scale model of a 1930s residential house. The paper model is executed with precision down to the level of individual bricks.

Paper model White Villa

Paper model White Villa Arnhem

The White Villa is a well-known landmark in Arnhem, and can now be built as a paper miniature. The paper model fits on a single A3 sheet.

Bridge keeper's house

Paper model bridge keeper's house Zwolle

This bridgekeeper's house is located in Zwolle. The paper model is 11 centimeters high and the building sheet fits on one A4-size paper.